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Fertö-Hanság mobil (2010-2014)

Lead Partner: Regional Government of Burgenland

Project Partners:
Kapuvár Város Önkormányzata  -  Projectdetails Kapuvár
Neusiedler Seebahn - NSB
Nationalpark Neusiedlersee - Seewinkel
Stadtgemeinde Frauenkirchen
Gemeinde Tadten
Gemeinde Wallern

Strategic Partners:
Nationalpark Fertö-Hanság und die  GYSEV- Raaberbahn

working packages:
1) Modernisation of the Neusiedler Seebahn (NSB)
2) bike path development in the hungarian Region "Hanság"
3) Ökomobility Seewinkel

The Mobilitycenter Burgenland is in charge of the projectmanagement.

Kick-off Event

On 4 April 2011  a lot of interested people from Austria and Hungary met to the official groundbreaking of the "Bridge of Wallern", which will connect the futur biking-paths from Kapuvár to the well-developed network of cycle paths in Burgenland.


Within the project in the work package "Ecomobility Seewinkel" the network of rental stations "nextbike" is already enlarged.

The cycling Service Center in Frauenkirchen at the Basilica is completed with a new "nextbike station", a bike workshop and new sanitary facilities.

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