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SETA - South East Transport Axis (2011-2014)

Projectdefinition: SETA is aiming on the implementation of measures for the improvement of
accessibility and logistic workflows as a basis for regional development in South East Europe.
SETA Korridor Berlin - Dresden - Prag - Brünn - Wien/Bratislava - Eisenstadt - Sopron - Szombathely-Zagreb-Rijeka/Koper


Why is this project very interesting for Burgenland?

Detailed Information -
Projectvolume: ca. 3 Mio. Euro
Projectduration: 36 month, starting 01.03.2011.

MOG - Move On Green (2011-2014) -  a new Interreg project to develop sustainable transport solutions in rural and mountainous areas.

Sustainable transport is vital to maintaining the environmental and economic health of rural areas, as well as to ensuring the access of both inhabitants and potential visitors to key services such as employment, education and healthcare.

Iron Curtain Trail - ICT
(10 2012 - 09 2014)

The Iron Curtain Trail thereby contributes in a lively and very practical way to the creation of a genuine European identity. In 2005, following the initiative of Green member Michael Cramer, the European Parliament recognised the "Iron Curtain Trail" as a model project for sustainable tourism and called upon the Member States for support.


(10 2012- 09 2014)

The Danube is passing ten countries on its way to the Black Sea. Therefore it is one of the most transnational rivers in the world. It is a river full of history and an important interlink between the regions of South East Europe. Nevertheless has the rivers role as a connecting transport axis between the regions long been limited.TRANSDANUBE is aiming at tackeling the weak accessibility levels and poor quality of transport services in SEE as a major constraint for further economic development and growth in the region. By developing sustainable mobility offers the project will improve accessibility and facilitate the concept of sustainable tourism in the whole Danube region. The regions will benefit from increased added value from tourists being able to reach touristic destinations even in the hinterland of the river.


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